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Internships and Student  Learning Experiences Welcome Year Round!
Not a Student? Thats ok! Come By and Volunteer.

Experiences of All Types Available
The GSC will work with you DIRECTLY to foster an internship or educational experience to your needs.  Got an idea? We'll run with it and help you to learn all that you can in order to have more educated environmentalists. Our goal through internships is to develop the most educational experience possible through hands on experience in order to further the student's education.  Some past completed internship projects include:

               Teach school groups, youth groups, the public, and more!
               Plan educational workshops that you, or someone else, will put on
               Develop activities in order to further the educational process

Natural Resources, Environmental, etc.
               GIS/GPS Mapping
               Cataloging of plants, trees, birds, etc within the facility
               Raising and releasing of animals natural to the land
               Monitoring and upkeeping the wetlands
               Designing and cutting trails
               Machinery and tool useage

Policy, Running a 501(c)3, etc.
               Grant searching, writing, and application
               Tax exemptions
               Fundraising and Sponsorships
               Marketing and membership promotion
               Legalities involved in the property and facility

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