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This is the "project blog" page for those who are interested in some hands on work! We'll be posting upcoming projects and work days. Interested in certain things? Let us know! Have special skills and useful equipment? PLEASE let us know!
5 New Kiosk Signs
    • We have a grant to make 5 new kiosk signs for each property


  • Like to paint?
    • The main building has lost some of it's luster! We plan on repainting the trim and staining the building... Have not decided on the date. Now accepting donations towards supplies.


  • Cut New Trails through the woods
    • On the property across the street from the main facility, We have a good number of small trees to clear and paths to be made.
    • We will have to make trail markers to let visitors clearly follow the trails based on features and difficulty
    • We would like to see this started as soon as possible 
    • Lot of area to cover, so if you have an ATV, small trailer, or small loader to help ours, that would help out a lot!
    • Tools We Will be Utilizing:
      • Chainsaw, Shears, Handsaw, Jig-saw, standard hand tools


  • Creek Crossing
    • Bridge constructed ahead of schedule and available for crossing


  • Posted Signs and Perimeter Marking
    • Along with all the trail work to be done on this property, We need to clearly mark the boundaries for our members, and for our non-members who would rather use it for their own  recreation
    • We have started to post the property where we have been having problems, but we need to see the entire parcel marked.


  • The boardwalk has finally been repaired and is ready for hiking!